Payroll administrators’ time is valuable
Help them make the most of it with an efficient communication system

Employee Communication

Improve efficiency with helpful functionality

Epayslipsecure is a two-way communication tool with the functionality of a company intranet and employee self-service facility.

The multi-channel options that Epayslipsecure offers allows both employers and employees to upload and access all payroll-related data at any time, such as P60s, P11Ds, past payslips, sickness & holiday forms, as well as documents like staff handbooks and health & safety information.

  • Upload P60s, P11Ds or pension statements

    Make it easier for your employee to find key documents and past payslips without them having to request information from HR.

  • Display timesheets for staff on variable contracts

    Help staff and HR virtually keep track of their hours without the risk of losing printed timesheets.

  • Distribute targeted communication campaigns to your staff

    Company announcements, important dates, new policies – all of these can be communicated securely to your staff through Epayslipsecure.

  • Notify sick days, holidays or a change of personal details

    Empower your staff to request holiday and update their personal details without using up HR’s time. A more accurate and easier way to keep track.

  • Automated notifications for employees

    Automatically notify employees when new information is uploaded to the portal. Streamline the communication process, reducing the time spent on answering queries, searching for bits of paper and sending emails as well as cost savings on paper production and postage.